Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A My Fair Lady Moment

No, I did not get mistaken for a Japanese princess by a famous polyglot as I walked through a ballroom wearing a kimono and kanzashi (hair comb)...nor did I yell out in front of a crowd of the well to do, "Move your bloomin' Ass!" in Japanese. (Though that might be something worth learning!)

No, I had that moment in class last night in which the language lightbulb went off and I was able to FINALLY understand how to conjugate U and Ru verbs  in short present affirmative, short past affirmative, short present negative and short past negative. And then quickly started grasping ii and na adjectives in their present and past affirmative and negatives.

I suddenly went from struggling with the page in front of me, trying to translate each verb and adjective depending on what the notation was on the page - practically wincing as I stumbled through each line item.  But then it clicked.  And the understanding was just right there -- not shining like a mirage way out in front of me taunting me as it has for the past few months.  I could dunk my head right in that shimmering pool of conjugation and come up soaking wet.  It was real!

Sensei Toyoko's face lit up as I deftly began to see the patterns of the puzzle and easily translate.  With each translation she clapped.  She shouted So! So! So!  She stomped her feet on the ground in happiness and she yelled out SUUUGGGOOIIII! when I was done.  I laughed out loud as I pictured Toyoko Sensei and Ray-san (my classmate) suddenly donning top hats and dancing around the room with me in the middle conjugating verbs!

 Ray-san I think she's got it!  She's got it!  She's got it! By George, I think she's got it! I believe she does!  

I could have danced all night!

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  1. Now translate "The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain".

    I picture Toshiro Mifuni in the Rex Harrison role, to be honest.

    Congratulations--we don't often get to experience those sudden insight moments as adults.