Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Have just joined an online Akira Kurosawa film club --

 I already don't feel smart enough for it!  The bloggers are amazing writers and are dedicated Otaku of Kurosawa! Well, not Otaku, but at least serious scholars of his work.

This month we are watching Rashomon;  I can't wait to jump into the discussion group!

What better way to start out this Year of the Dragon then to watch Akira's golden man, Mifune-sama Toshiro in this stellar classic?


  1. Super cool!

    And really it's better to feel a bit behind and struggling than as though you have nothing to learn.

  2. Seana, do you have tips on how to make pictures come up in my blog? And how to do that cool thing that you and other bloggers do where you write something like : You can view it here and here -- and the highlighted "here" links you to another sight?

    I can't get a handle on pictures - tho sometimes they work.

    Also, it doesn't seem like anyone receives my blog but you. I have a few friends who have said they never saw another entry. So maddening! Maybe there's another Blogspot arena, like tinypress or whatever that's called. Getting so frustrated!

  3. And, yes btw, you're right. Better to always strive upwards! But these bloggers are something else! Like your blog world, they are from France, England, Norway and Iceland! And they're published all over the world , some graphic novelists, some literary critics etc. It's a bit intimidating, so might just lurk for a good long while. But fun to read what they have to say!

  4. Yeah, just edge in--I know you're more than competent to discuss.

    The way you write a link is this:

    Write put whatever descriptive text you want here

    As for the pictures, I know I do this the round about way, but I just save the pictures into my computers picture space then hit the picture in the blog writing part. It brings up browse and I search my own pictures, open the one I want into the browser and then use it.

    Play around with it and let me know where you get stuck--if you do.

    Don't worry--if I can do it, anyone can.

    I think once you get brave enough to let people on the Kurosawa blog know, you'll start having readers. I'm not sure how your friends would be notified unless they've become a follower on blogger.

  5. Okay I will type the elements separated more and see if that works.

    < a href " the website you want to use " > the text you describe it with < / a >

    Squeeze everything together except keep a space between a and href, and it should work.

  6. Oh, also, if you're just writing one in your blog, you can just hit the tool bar where it says link, and it will guide you through the process.

    The code is just for if you want to write one in the comments. but it does come in handy.