Monday, November 14, 2011

West Side Story - Japan Cast Interview 2 / Tonight

If you want to watch the professionals do it, here is part of an interview of the Tokyo cast of 2009 (apparently a splendid, long running production).  They are on a typical talk show aimed at people in their 20s.  The hosts sit together on one side dressed in Japanese youth garb (except for the conservatively dressed female host).  The guests (the cast) sit near them in their own grouping of five.  The set up reminds me, for some reason, of the old "Dating Game!"

Watch this all the way through and you'll see the guest dancers trying to teach the young hosts a thing or two about how to dance like a Jet...

This is typical wacky Japanese TV!  And yet, even with the motley hosts, there is lots of bowing -- which always amuses me when they are trying to be so cool!

You will here the most outlandish host say this word in a long drawn out way "sugoi."  But he says it like this SSUUU-GGOII!  It means "Cool."  But he way he says it basically means, "hot damn that's coolest thing ever!"

Well, I happen to agree! Watashi mo わたしも(me too!)

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